Affordable UX Solutions For Any Budget Affordable UX Solutions For Any Budget

Affordable UX Solutions For Any Budget

  • date-ic 11 Jun 2019
  • time-ic 3 minutes read

UX is concerned with the practice of design of a website, app or product, that is concentrated on providing the best possible user experience.

There is a common misconception that has long endured, that user testing in Australia is too expensive. Often it is thought as an unnecessary and costly add on, only beneficial for large corporations. Time and time again, we are told by our clients, they would love to conduct user testing, but can’t afford to.

The good news is…

User experience testing does not need to be expensive. Even small or medium-sized companies can dramatically benefit, with a modest budget towards intelligent UX design optimisation.

It can be a hard sell to try and convince a small company, with a low budget for web design, to begin with, to spend some of that budget on user testing. However, we continually demonstrate the value that conducting usability testing can have on conversions and revenues.

You may be wondering how to do user experience testing if you do not have the funds to allocate toward it. If budget restraints are stifling your plans for effective user testing, a view should be taken which will explore ways around such constraints, rather than choosing to ignore it altogether.

Integrate UX into your day to day design/development process

Rather than being thought of as a luxury, user experience research and usability testing should be considered to be an essential component of proper web development.

The collaboration and integration of UX design and development can save you money in the long run.

When user issues or limitations are uncovered early, a more transparent, less turbulent roadmap for developers is formed. Identifying user problems first through user experience testing, and avoiding them altogether, is a lot easier than trying to resolve them afterward.

Low-Cost Solutions

Let me share some tips and strategies that we have discovered, which will help you get excellent results with little to no budget at all. Better yet these strategies can help increase revenues and even help save you money on development costs. Some of the best user testing platforms are low cost options for your brand, allowing you to conduct user experience testing on a budget.

Use Google Analytics – There are some free user experience testing tools that you should ensure you make use of. Google Analytics is an essential free tool that helps you gather data about your customer’s behaviour. With Google Analytics, you can find out what pages or blog posts are the most popular, which can help you when curating new content. It can also identify where visitors are exiting, allowing you to find problems that should be rectified to reduce abandonment rates.

Use Heatmaps – Heatmaps are a tremendous visual tool which provides additional analytics into your customer’s behaviour. Heatmaps can be used to show where customers are clicking or spending the most time on a page, which gives more comprehensive data on how your visitors are engaging with your content.

Another benefit of Heatmaps is because they are much more visual than Google Analytics, they allow you to analyse the data much more quickly and easily.

Survey your customers – Do you have a mailing list? Why not survey some or all of your customer base?

Set up a simple survey designed to open up a discussion around some key topics. Plan ahead and think about the kind of questions that you need to ask, in order to gain the most insight into the concerns that you are wishing to resolve.

You could even offer an incentive to your customers for providing their valuable feedback. Perhaps a gift voucher or entry into a giveaway.

There are many low cost options when it comes to conducting usability testing. Many online testing tools offer affordable ways to gather consumer data and analyse your customers behaviours. So if you’re on a budget, web design doesn’t have to take a back seat – user testing is still an option.

TestMate offers an easy to use DIY portal

Visit our Easy DIY Portal and try our quick, simple to use DIY portal, which allows you to complete all of your user testings smoothly. It has never been as quick and straightforward to gain valuable insight into your products.

Customise your ideal user tests in minutes, which are specifically designed for your products and your exact customer demographics. Our intuitive functionality provides hassle-free, step by step guidance, delivering clear and easy to understand actionable data.

For more information on our user testing portal click here Easy DIY Portal.


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